Enhancing Mobility with Care Plus Transport Services
At Care Plus Services, we understand that reliable and accessible transportation is essential for individuals to maintain an active and fulfilling lifestyle. Our Transport Services are designed to provide convenient and safe transportation solutions for a variety of needs.

Whether assistance with general transport, training for independence in travel and transport, or specialised transport arrangements is required, we offer support for every step of the process.

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Transport Services: Facilitating Appointments, Social Visits, and More

We offer transportation to hospitals, doctors’ appointments, social visits, and shopping trips. Our support workers use their privately owned vehicles, which are equipped for comfort and safety. We can also arrange regular transport depending on an individual’s requirements and recurring commitments.


  • Reliable transportation to medical appointments and social engagements
  • Comfortable and safe vehicles owned by our support workers
  • Customised arrangements based on preferences and requirements

Please note: Care Plus Services do not currently have wheelchair
accessible cars at our disposal.

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Training for Travel and
Transport Independence

Our Training for Independence in Travel and Transport services focus on enhancing an individual’s ability to travel and use public transport independently.

We provide specific skill development training to increase confidence and freedom in navigating the transportation system. In the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), we guide individuals in obtaining an ACT Seniors/My Way transport card to facilitate their independent travel.


  • Increased freedom and independence in travelling
  • Enhanced skills for using public transport confidently
  • Access to appropriate transport cards for seamless travel

Ready to gain independence in travel?

With Care Plus Services, we are here to support individuals on their journey. Contact us today and experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with Care Plus Transport.

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