Statement of Commitment to Child Safety

Care Plus Services is committed to providing an environment for children and vulnerable
people which is safe, supportive and inclusive.

At its core, child exploitation and abuse undermines a child's right to grow up safely, with
abuse and exploitation known to result in an increased likelihood of long term impact,
including mental health issues, lesser education outcomes, drug and alcohol abuse and
increased likelihood of coming into contact with the law.

It is important to understand that child abuse can happen anywhere at any time. As
community support providers, Team Members play a crucial role in keeping children and
other vulnerable people safe and providing a supportive environment for all those we
support. Care Plus Services encourages and upholds a culture of non-tolerance toward the
exploitation, abuse, or neglect of children and other vulnerable people.

All people have the right to be safe

All people have a right to be safe, to participate as active and valued members of the community and have opportunities to reach their full potential at all stages of their lives.
This includes the right to:

  • Be safe, protected from harm and looked after
  • Be heard, respected and treated fairly
  • Participate in decisions that affect them
  • Live a full life and develop healthily
  • Maintain a healthy living environment
  • Receive quality health care
  • Receive an education
  • Maintain relationships with family and people of significance
  • Maintain connection with community, culture, language and spirituality
  • Be informed about issues that concern them and talk with people about these issues
  • Protect their privacy and to have their own things
  • Engage in leisure activities and spend time with their peers
  • Receive services that assist them to achieve their full potential

What we are doing to show our commitment to child safety

We communicate our commitment through:

A clearly documented Child Safe Policy, in which we demonstrate our non-tolerance approach to abuse and neglect of children and young people Providing access to for all stakeholders to our Statement of Commitment to child safety

We promote Equity and respect Diversity through:

Person-centred support planning, developed with the person we are supporting, taking into consideration their personal circumstances and needs
Considering the needs of all children and young people, including children with disability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, LGBTIQ+ children and children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

We encourage the involvement of children and their families through:

Involving and communicating with children and their families or carers in developing a safe, inclusive and supportive environment.

Providing information to children and their families/carers about:

  • our commitment to keeping children safe and communicating their rights.
  • the behaviour we expect of our Team Members and of themselves.
  • our Child Safe Policy

maintaining processes for encouraging two-way communication with children and families/carers
seeking their feedback and have a process for responding as per our Feedback Management system
respecting diversity and seek to facilitate effective communication and involvement.

We minimise the likelihood of hiring unsuitable Team Members through a clear and robust appointment process including:

Application, including ensuring an appropriate application process, which includes reviewing applicants job history, relevant experience and qualifications
References, including speaking with professional references about the persons work history
Screening including WWVP (ACT), WWCC (NSW), Yearly National Police Check Clearance
Interview, including ensuring the applicant’s values and motivations align with that of Care Plus Services
Signing of agreements including Privacy and Confidentiality and Code of Conduct

We ensure our Team Members understand how they must conduct themselves through:

Utilising a Child Safe Policy which is clear and available to all Team Members
Utilising a clear Code of Conduct which is provided to and signed by all Team members prior to commencing their employment.
Providing clear duty statements which clearly outline what is required of Team members.

We inform our Team Members on how to report incidents including abuse through:

Clear Child Safety training for Team members working with children and young people, outlining indicators of abuse and how to respond
Comprehensive induction training prior to employment commencement which includes the distribution of simplified reporting guides
Clear internal policies including that of Incident Management, Abuse and Neglect and Child Safe policies.

These policies require Team members to:

  • report any allegation, disclosure or concern regarding Child abuse or neglect
  • meet any legislated mandatory or other jurisdictional or industry reporting requirements
  • follow a specified process when reporting abuse or neglect.

We document any allegation, disclosure or concern regarding Child abuse and monitor responses to all allegations, disclosures or concerns as per our Incidents and Feedback systems.

We provide regular training to our Team Members, including:

Induction training prior to employment commencement
Comprehensive generalised training available to all Team Members, delivered in a flexible manner
Client centred training around complex support needs
On-the-job training, mentoring and guidance
Annual refresher training

We are committed to continuous improvement through:

Promoting a culture of learning and striving to do better
clear complaints framework which is communicated to clients upon the initiation of supports
Encouraging stakeholder feedback and documenting and acting on feedback accordingly
Regular review of company practices in line with industry wide best practice
Regular risk review including identifying areas for improvement
Maintaining a clear quality assurance policy as well as a quality improvement plan which is reviewed on a regular basis. These documents map out reviews necessary for systems review, policy review and new business review.
Monitoring our Team Members to ensure appropriate practice, behaviour and policies are followed.

What Governs our Child Safe Policy and practices?

Our Child Safe Policy is framed around many guiding documents including (but not limited to):

Children and Young People Act 2008 (ACT)
Education Act 2004 (ACT)
Health Records (Privacy and Access) Act 1997 (ACT)
Human Rights Act 2004 (ACT).
Mental Health Act 2015 (ACT)
Working with Vulnerable People (Background Checking) Act 2011 (ACT)
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Placement Principle
ACT Charter of Rights for Children and Young People in Out of Home Care
National Principles for Child Safe Organisations
Child and Youth Protection Services Policies and Procedures
Children and Young People (ACT Out of Home Care) Standards 2016 (ACT)
National Disability Standards
Next Steps for Our Kids 2022–2030 (
Children and Young People (Care and Protection Organisation) Standards 2018 (ACT)
United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples