Schooling, Social & Employment Support
At Care Plus Services, we believe in providing comprehensive support to help individuals thrive in their educational pursuits, social interactions, and employment endeavours. Our services are designed to equip individuals with the tools and confidence they need to excel in their chosen pursuits.
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Integration into School or Other Educational Programs:

Our schooling support services focus on assisting participants in attending and actively participating in school or other educational programs.

Our team provides the necessary assistance to meet care needs during educational activities. Whether it’s providing support during classroom sessions, facilitating accessibility, or ensuring a safe and inclusive learning environment, we are here to empower participants on their educational journey.

Our Schooling and Education Support Includes:

  • Personalised support to facilitate a smooth transition to and from educational programs
  • Assistance with self-care needs during school hours
  • Collaborative approach to create inclusive and supportive learning environments
  • Access to specialised resources and accommodations to meet educational requirements
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Participation in Community, Social, and Civic Activities:

At Care Plus Services we are committed to helping participants actively engage in their communities, develop social connections, and participate in civic activities.

Our dedicated support workers provide assistance and support during community and social activities, empowering participants to fully partake in these experiences. We also focus on developing participants’ abilities to independently engage in community activities, fostering a sense of belonging and social inclusion.

These supports are provided to any vulnerable person requiring this support at any age, including but limited to people with disabilities.

These supports include:

  • Individualised support plans tailored to participants’ interests and preferences
  • Assistance in building social skills, forming friendships, and expanding networks
  • Access to recreational activities, clubs, and community groups for engagement
  • Emotional support and guidance to navigate challenges and foster mental well-being

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