Accommodation Support for an Enhanced Quality of Life
At Care Plus Services, we specialise in providing comprehensive accommodation support for individuals with care needs. Our dedicated team understands that this level of support requires a high level of care and expertise. We are committed to ensuring that individuals with greater challenges receive the utmost attention, compassion, and assistance to live comfortably and with dignity in their chosen accommodation.

Our accommodation support services are designed to meet the unique requirements of individuals who may be significantly less capable. We recognize the importance of creating a safe, nurturing, and inclusive environment that caters to their specific needs. Our highly skilled and experienced caregivers are extensively trained in providing specialised care, ensuring that every aspect of their daily life is taken care of with precision and sensitivity.

Our Accommodation Support services include options for 24/7 care with a live in Support Worker, depending on an individual’s needs and available funding.

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Group Living Assistance: Creating a Supportive Environment for Shared Accommodation

Our Domestic Support extends to group or shared living arrangements, providing assistance and supervision where necessary. We focus on developing the skills of each individual, fostering autonomy and promoting a supportive and inclusive living experience.


  • Supportive environment for individuals in shared living arrangements
  • Skill development for increased independence and social engagement
  • Personalized assistance and supervision based on individual needs
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Accommodation Support: Promoting Independence in Accommodation

At Care Plus Services we focus on providing personalised support tailored to individual needs. We promote community participation, relationship building, and skill development, empowering individuals to live life on their terms.


  • Person-centred support for greater independence and autonomy
  • Access to community resources and social connections
  • Assistance in maintaining and enhancing essential life skills

Typically these services are required 2 hours per fortnight, however this will vary depending on individual needs and available funding.

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